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Socially responsible

A dedicated UK Community hub allows for a geo-specific shared experience, allowing for more engagement to be focused on local people, projects and plants.

If you are passionate about health and wellness you will benefit from using this space whether you are an individual, business, charity or organisation.

Take back control of our social media! Focus your time and engagement in a worthwhile way and share quality content with your audience.

Let's build a PlantBased Community money tree

PlantBased Community Membership fees pay for upkeep of the community platform and go toward making your online social media experience more enjoyable.

After the running costs of the platform have been met, any left over profits will be spent on the people that matter most.

Why not use collaborative technology for our greater good? Sign up and help towards building the community money tree.

Easy to use, let's go...

Our simple desktop and mobile friendly platform is easy to navigate, use features and tools to better connect with your tribe.

Invite guests to participate and grow your network quickly.

Take advantage of our utilitarian design and feel confident in encouraging others to get involved.

Some things we hear our members ask...

Yes! We encourage you to spread the word far and wide… We will even give you free guest passes so you can treat your family and friends.

So long as you respect others and come in peace, yes.

Absolutely. You can show off all your different social media accounts easily on your single profile.

You may cancel or pause your membership at any time. If you do decide to leave, we would really appreciate your feedback on why PlantBased isn’t for you.

If you create a lifestyle for yourself that supports local, organic and sustainable choices whilst never compromising your joy, we can be sure that you will 🙂

Be part of a positive and ethically minded social network.